Steve Zarodnansky - Guitar and Vocal Musician
Steve Zarodnansky - Guitar and Vocal Musician


Steve Zarodnansky has been playing guitar and singing since he was 14, and has played in many popular NJ cover bands such asHott Mess Too, Jamie Ritter and Southern Sky Band,  Last Band Standing, The Drunk Monkeys and Misguided.  His love of music and performing are evident in the energy he brings to each event!


Steve is capable of providing hours of music as a solo act, or he can lay down great guitar and vocal tracks on stage and in the studio in a fill-in capacity.


Whether you're looking for a rock roar, country twang, or a pop hook, Steve can get the sound you need.  Steve's current gear consists of the following:


(2) Audix I5, (2) Shure SM58 Microphones

Cab Grabber and boom stands

Palmer PDI09 Guitar Direct Box

Mixer:  Mackie ProFX12

(2) QSC K8 Speakers


Shure SE215 Earbuds

Shure PSM200 IEM system w 2 packs

Shure BLX288/PG58(2) Wireless Mic System

Vafam Custom Patch Panel

Gator 4u Rack Bag



1952 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop (First run)

1960 Epiphone Olympic (Melody Maker)

1962 Gibson ES335

2003 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst (Manlius T-Top Replicas)

2010 MCi Les Paul 1959 Replica in Amber (Manlius Landmark PAFs)

1996 Fender 1952 AVRI Telecaster

2015 Rosser Guitars Tele 40th Replica (DiMarzio Area T)

2004 Fender SRV Stratocaster (DiMarzio Area 58/61)

2005 Paul Reed Smith CU22 20th Ann. (Manlius Vintage Modern PAFs)

2012 Maton Mini Diezel Special Acoustic Guitar

2012 Maton Mini Diezel Special 12 string Acoustic Guitar

1972 Terada Dreadnaught Acoustic w Fishman Pickup

Mono M80 Dual Electric Gigbag



1986 Marshall 2204s

1980's Marshall 1965a 4x10"

1990's Peavey Classic 30

1990's Peavey Classic 20

D2F covers



Tech21 RK5 Flyrig (rehearsal)

J. Rockett Archer

Ibanez TS10

Line6 M9 modded by R3FX

Fullton Clyde Standard Wah

Guitartek A/B Box

X2 XD wireless

Pedaltrain PT-2

Modtone Power Plant Supply

Mono Tour Pedal Board Case




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Steve uses and endorses the following products and vendors:


Here are some links to other local musicians that are worth getting out to see and hear!




Steve's guitars are set up and occasionally repaired by:

J.C. Guitar Service



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© Steve Zarodnansky - Guitar and Vocal Musician

Demo Samples

Free Falling
Steve Z playing and singing the Tom Petty classic
MP3 audio file [3.1 MB]
Steve and Tracy Z playing and singing the Phillip Phillips hit
MP3 audio file [3.0 MB]
Melt With You - Drunk Monkeys
Here's a clip of The Drunk Monkeys playing Melt with You
Vocals - Jason Wingerter
Bass - Michelle Adamson
Drums - Gary Adamson
Guitar - Steve Z
Melt with you Demo_CUT.mp3
MP3 audio file [616.1 KB]
Jack & Diane
Steve playing and singing the hit from John Cougar
MP3 audio file [3.1 MB]
The Drunk Monkeys playing the fun Shaggy tune.
Gary Adamson - Vocals/Drums
Steve Z - Vocals/Guitar
Michelle Adamson - Bass
Angel Demo Short.mp3
MP3 audio file [477.0 KB]

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